Earrings Peacock


Rare bird nesting at the very heart of Indian forests, the Royal Peacock has fascinated the West since the end of the XIXth century by its exoticism and its moiré feathers. Its shimmering ocellae ornate the finest Art Nouveau creations, and it is whispered that this “one hundred-eyed” bird has a celestial origin, announcing fertile rains, rebirth and prosperity.
Through its Peacock collection, the Pinaud house reconnects with its symbolist inspiration while instilling a modern sobriety, and offers a feathering in suspension, immortalized mid-flight, now following the curve of a wrist and skimming the contour of an ear.
In its first variant, the diamonds scattered on the artfully chiseled pink-gold patterns echo with the true dwelling of this celestial bird: the star-dusted sky firmament. These delicate jewellery set is declined in ring, bracelet, necklace and earrings.

Sterling silver & pink gold vermeil
50 brilliant-cut diamonds